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What is the transformation we offer?

Find our multi-dimensional programs below

- Offering creative healing where you can create a source of income for yourself by selling your creations!

- Offering course content as resources for you to transform your life 

- Offering single session therapy appointments

- Offering one on one multi-dimensional mentor-ship programs for tangible holistic (whole-istic) developmental results 

- Offering access to a supportive community to help you through your healing and transformation journey

- Offering skin care products that will help you take the steps to living a naturally clean and healthy life

- Offering holistic and kinetic therapy techniques to achieve cumulative overall health and wellness which

can be seen in part below






"I've known Ashley for four years and have felt nothing but love, support and integrity from her. Her actions align with her words. Personally, she has been an amazing listener and teacher during healing stages. Ashley is one of those people you want to be closer to and on your team. She has an insight that pierces through any illusion you are still hanging on to and ignites a remembrance within your soul. If you're looking for a teacher, mentor, coach, guide, therapist, or friend even, you won't second guess meeting Ashley. Her perception will shift your way of thinking and bring you right back into your truth. The part of you that knows what you are here to do and doesn't let anything stop you. If you need someone who you can count on, is reliable, consistent, and that feels like pure LOVE, Ash is your guide!"

- Lauren 


"Its a rare occasion that you will ever meet someone who so lovingly and wholeheartedly puts their whole self and blessed intentions into their craft. I've been so fortunate as to have this earth angel bring light and positivity into my life as she has for so many others. Ashley has found a way to combine her vast experience as a world traveler and her acquired knowledge or art concepts as well as energetic and nutritional healing into an enjoyable and educational series of one-on-one healing and enlightenment classes. Your heart, body and mind will be nurtured and you will love every minute of it!


Dolce & Garbanzo (@dolcengarbanzo)

"Hi beauties! I am Rose.

I have known Ashley for 8 years and I will never forget the time we met! She is energetic, kind and truly committed to her success and the success of those who are looking and willing to live a life that reaches beyond their potential. Her presence warmly welcomed me back to life. Watching her involvement in art therapy opened up my creatively and helped me to release old trauma and negative self beliefs! I had struggled with mental health since the age of 7 and felt there was nothing to live for. Thanks to Ashley's constant encouragement, I now live a life I love. She showed me how to gain the confidence to do things I once had only imagined. You won't regret your experience! Love and blessings."

- Rose

"Ashley brings energy, commitment and enthusiasm to everything she undertakes. Ashley is an incredibly reliable person. Her combination of intelligence, perseverance, creativity and compassion will certainly make her a prime [mentor] for any academic [&creative] program. She is inherently empathetic and genuine to everyone she meets."

- Sheri

"Ashley is a truly inspiring and loving healer, lightbeing and guide. Since she has crossed my path, she has ignited flames of inspiration, truth and a passion for conscious living within me. She always acts and speaks from experience, and with the spirit of the warrior woman that I have grown to love and admire. She never shies back from a challange and opportunity to grow in life! Enjoy the path and learn from every step! Ashley will empower and inspire you in many ways with her wit, wisdom and enthusiasm - Enjoy and grow!"


- Tetske Van Dun



Keep reading for the physical and mental benefits of our programs!



1. Improves Your Mental State

- Increases mental ability to focusing

- Aids in intuition development

- Allows for more effective processing of information, decision making, problem solving and cutting out distractions


2. Improves Clarity For Your Creative Abilities

- Allows for clearer insights to the creative realms & ideas

- Less fear and doubt for creating your own tangible creatives


3. Elevates Your Mood

- Physiologically effects the brain to aid with anxiety, stress, and depression

- Elevated serotonin production elevates mood


4. Develops Subconscious & Unconscious Healing

- By targeting the subconscious aspects that we unconsciously suppress, it allows for a release of old patterns and traumas

- By rewiring the way the subconscious mind works, we can allow for better processing of future stressful events

- Our subconscious & unconscious mind affects our reality so by healing and clearning any blocks, we allow for more fluidity in our reality creations

5. Improves Overall Health

- Improves heart rate and breathing rate management

- Decreases inflammation within the body

- Increases mitochondrial energy production and consumption which correlates to having more energy

- Creates improvements in immune system function and dealing with stress

Yoga at Home


4 Benefits of Spiritual & Sovereignty Integration & Development

1. Develops Perception Clarity

- Allows you to better understand your own perspectives and outlooks of life and how to integrate them in your life moving forward

- You allow yourself to courageously journey down the soul path that is best fit for you to travel

2. Elevates Your Mood

- By ensuring and perceiving energetic alignment, this correlates to your physical and mental well being. We are all made up of energy. Physical and mental imbalances are manifestations of the primary issue of misaligned energy

3. Develops Subconscious & Unconscious Healing

- By working with the subconscious and unconscious mind, we get to heal ourselves on the deepest level which is the basic foundation of building and developing your spirituality and intuition

4. Improves Overall Health

- By fully understanding your spiritual self and integrating that to living the sovereign life that is the BEST fit for YOU, you will begin to see overall improvements in your physical and mental health and well being

- By understanding your own body you ensure the best diet and endeavours that are best for your growth, and are separate from outside influences.

Fresh Produce


1. Improved Organ And Internal System Function

- by allowing the body a chance to cleanse & detox, it allows less congestion and backup, giving the organs a chance to efficiently function without the stress of having over consumption and trying to the process food through your body.

- the diet feeds a more probiotic rich diet alleviating symptoms and pain of arthritis and other progressive degenerative diseases


2. Improved Overall Health

- studies show people who eat plant based diets (or minimal poultry) tend to have lower rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, decrease chances of getting cancer, lower body mass index and improve overall cholesterol

- long term studies of people following plant based or minimal poultry diets tend to live 10-20 years longer than those who eat red meat on a regular basis

- plant based diets tend to be overall richer in nutrients


3. Improves Overall Cognitive Abilities

- research shows that a long term holistic/plant based diet slows the progression of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other brain degenerative diseases. Overall reduction in risk of cognitive impairment


4. Contributes to Improving the Environment

- a plant based/holistic diet tends to have a lighter impact on the environment. The lack of meat consumption requires less energy to produce than unsustainable measures of consuming meat.

- Eating mainly fruits, vegetables and nuts require less energy for production and are more naturally sustainable