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The Healing Tribe Community & Innerswim

Healing Tribe Community & Innerswim presents monthly healing gatherings & events. We will be coordinating a variety of healing modalities, healers, as well as various methods of entertainment.

Join us & spend some time connecting with one

another in togetherness. 

Upcoming Events: exact dates TBD

Each event will allow up to 30 people.

First come, first serve.

Early Bird Special

Women's Healing Circle Day Pass: $65  

Open Healing Circle Day Pass: $65  

Silent Retreat 1 Day Pass: $65

Silent Retreat Full Weekend: $100

Yoga Connection 1 Day: $65

Yoga Connection Full Weekend: $100

Connection Weekend (Full Moon) 1 Day: $65

Connection Weekend: $100

Musical Healing Weekend (1 Day): $75

Musical Healing Weekend (Full Weekend): $120


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This event is offered exclusively to women. Healing is a sensitive aspect of life, and it is normal to feel vulnerable to open up with people of different genders. 

To ensure that safety and comfort are respected and ensured for our members of this event, we are creating one only for women, to ensure that your feminine energy is companied by other women in their feminine energy.

This event will be open to all individuals of all identifying groups. This is a place for all methods and forms of healing, from art, to sound, to yoga, to counselling, to reiki, and many more techniques.

All are welcome.

Spend your retreat in silence to connect with your inner self.

Silence your mind by spending your time in a quiet, healing space. We don't often realize how busy our minds are and how much stimulation it undergoes on a daily basis. Use this weekend as a reset on many levels.

This event is for those seeking connection through the physical practice of yoga. Spend the day doing yoga with talking with others who share your passion of yoga and movement healing! 

Guides, teachers, practitioners, and yoga lovers of all kinds are all welcome to share and experience this event in togetherness!

This event is for those seeking connection through all aspects. This can be connection through conversation, through physical movement, through energetic exchange, etc. Healers of all walks of life are welcome to share and experience this event in togetherness!

Experience a powerful sense of connection with yourself and others that is heightened through our full moon.

Enjoy a day of meditation, energy channeling, sacred rituals for tapping into your intuition, and sharing experiences with one another. 

Enjoy your time experiencing the healing power of music.

Experience live and pre-recorded sets, as well as participate in percussion sound and healing. Bring your own instruments & bring your own sounds to life!

All are welcome.